The Calamity: Wrath’s End, Part I Fall 2012

The Calamity: Wrath's End Part 1

Are you prepared to be broken? To go through life without meaning, and then, like an oasis in a desert, find hope, but it turns out to only be a sliver of dust? Then your time to shine is now.

Afflicted by plague, Japan is caught off guard when it is invaded by Amestris, who enforce a brutal occupation. With the military destroyed and the resistance ineffectual, you are the last soldier for Japan.

Find a Cure. Fight Amestris. Save the World.

You’re our only hope.

Hey guys, welcome back to school, after that Thanksgiving break we have a treat for you, with our very own Anime FX Puzzle Game! I’m proud to present The Calamity this Friday, November 30, 2012! This is modeled after the real escape games in Japan, but with a special twist.

A few quick things about the event :)

-I HIGHLY recommend you bring a notebook and some writing utensils. We will try to provide scratch paper and writing utensils but it will make things so much easier if you have your own notebook

-Please, do NOT use mobile devices during the game

-Unlike many Real Escape Games, there are NO teams. While working together is not prohibited (and I even encourage it a bit), you do not win or lose as a team, you win or lose as an individual.

-Specific Anime knowledge is NOT required, or even particularly helpful. The scenario draws inspiration from Guilty Crown, Code Geass, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Under no circumstances should you think of the 2003 version of Fullmetal Alchemist. It will only lead to pain, suffering, and a deep sense of loss.

It will be starting in Thorton Hall Room 428. Doors will open at 4:30, the game will start at 5, but late arrivals will be accepted. Please RSVP, and we hope to all see you here!

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Club meetings and events will be every Friday at 4:30PM in rooms TH-428 and TH-429.

Thornton Hall is located north of Science and HSS.


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