Elections For Spring 2013

Elections For Spring 2013

Well it’s just about the end of the semester and now it’s time to vote! What? You thought you were done with that in November?

This Friday, December 7, 2012 we will be deciding who will lead Anime FX in the coming semester and we invite you to join. Step forward to run for a position or simply come to vote on whoever you think will be the best person for the job. Candidates will be nominated at the meeting.


The positions are as follows (as defined by the Anime FX constitution):

– Represent AnimeFX in any and all San Francisco State University events requiring an AnimeFX representative. May also elect a representative to take his/her place.
– Initiates the process of registration every academic year.
– Act as chair at all meetings.
– Coordinate and facilitates the actions of other officers.
– Make executive decisions on the direction of AnimeFX.
– May issue a State of Emergency under the conditions that the AnimeFX organization is on the brink of extinction.
– In a State of Emergency the President may forgo election and voting procedures to appoint any active member of AnimeFX as an officer.

Vice President
– Act as chairman at all meetings in which the President is absent.
– Assume all duties and powers of the President when and while such position is vacant.
– Acts as advisor to the President, making sure the President fulfills his/her duties to the fullest capacity.
– Assure that the duties of the officers listed below are performed to their fullest capacity and report any problems to the President.

– While not solely responsible for using the organization’s funds, is responsible for the recording and distribution of funds.
– Prepare and present a budget for the operations of Anime FX during each academic term by the end of the first month.
– Managing acquisitions of funds from A.S.I. every academic semester.
– Upon the request of any officer, report the financial status of Anime FX.

– Responsible for the maintenance of all non-financial records of Anime FX including, but not limited to, meeting schedules – both weekly and officer, officer contacts, screening contracts, correspondence, and the Constitution of Anime FX.
– Keeping an up-to-date list of non-financial Anime FX assets.
– Act as fact checker during meetings, able to repeat any information previously said when asked.

Public Relations
– Advertises Anime FX and its events on campus.
– Advertises Anime FX and its events outside campus grounds.
– Maintains partnership with any affiliates of Anime FX on campus.
– Maintains and creates partnership with any affiliates of Anime FX, including its sponsors, outside campus grounds.
– Attain screening permissions for viewings of US licensed showing

Events Coordinator
– Schedules and plans events hosted by Anime FX
– Maintain schedule of events
– Advertises Anime FX events within the club and campus
– Coordinates and hosts events

– Creates and manages weekly viewing list for club meetings.
– Manages and maintains the organization’s library including, but not limited to, contracts, cataloging, and finding a location to store the organization’s inventory.
– Will also be required to log all borrowed items and make sure all members abide by the library’s set of rules.


Add yourself to this event’s Facebook page

Club meetings and events will be every Friday at 4:30PM in rooms TH-428 and TH-429.

Thornton Hall is located north of Science and HSS.



Here are the newly elected officers for Spring 2013!

President: Edwin Li
Vice President: Stephen Nenni
Treasury: Laura Hennessy
Secretary: Gaby Meindl
Public Relations: Ryan Evans
Events Coordinator: Grace Dickinson
Librarian: Patrick Northrop


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