Night in New Vegas Spring 2013

Night in New Vegas Spring 2013

Come one, come all to Anime FX’s “NIGHT IN NEW VEGAS” this Friday, April 19, 2013. We are pleased to invite you all to our great casino!

In one room, we will have plenty of card games such as Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Pokemon, and Old School Yu Gi Oh. In another room, we will have games dedicated to sports such as boxing, wrestling, and horse racing. Fortunes will be won and lost with the roll of a dice, but that is the life of New Vegas! At the end of the night, you may take your winnings and exchange them for fabulous prizes!

A few notes: This event is ABSOLUTELY FREE. There is absolutely ZERO real money being gambled here whatsoever, and just by coming we will ensure that you are given chips to play with.

We will be encouraging COSPLAY so much so that if you come in dressed as an anime or video game character OR in actual formal attire, we will TRIPLE the number of chips we will provide to you. That will be a great way to have a head start! Refreshments will be provided! :)*

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Club meetings and events will be every Friday at 4:30PM in rooms TH-429 and TH-432.

Thornton Hall is located north of Science and HSS.


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