Open House Fall 2013 – Anime FX Presents: What Would You Do For Your Waifu?

Open House Fall 2013

ANIME FX, ARE YOU REAAAAAAAADY? It’s been a loooooong summer, and you’ve been waiting, but now AFX is back in action! Whether you’re new to campus, been here for a while and want to check us out, or are a returning member, we invite you to Anime FX Presents: What would you do for your Waifu? on Friday, September 27, 2013.

You’ve dreamed about her ever since she moved next door/took the stage/started Ninja School with you. You’ve always wanted to tell her how you feel but it’s never felt like the right time…until now! You’re going to lay it all on the line for your waifu, but to save your one last chance at true love, you’re gonna have to be the last one standing!

Join us for music, games, food, new friends, and friendly to fiery competition. You may have more questions for us, but we’ve only got one for you: AAAAREE YOUUUU REEEAAADYYYYY!?!?!

Doors will open at 4:30 PM, refreshments will be provided. The location is Jack Adams Hall, which is in the Caesar Chavez Center on the top floor. We will be posting signs to help direct newcomers! See you there!

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