Anime FX Presents: Pokémon X and Y Premier Night and Le Crucible Part Deux Fall 2013

Le Crucible Part Deux Fall 2013

Anime FX, are you READY? It’s that time of year again! Pokemon X and Y have been released, and we’re celebrating it with style on Friday, October 18, 2013!

First and foremost, you’re looking at the banner, and your eyes do NOT deceive you! Anime FX will be presenting some VERY lucky winners with their very own Nintendo 2DS, a copy of Pokemon X, and a copy of Pokemon Y!

We have the return of Anime FX’s annual Pokemon tournament: The Crucible! This time, bigger and better! Simply sign up on our online submission form, and you’ll be entered in the Pokemon Tournament of a lifetime! No DS, Pokemon game, or experience is needed! In fact, the winner of this year’s Crucible will be walking away with a BRAND SPANKING NEW NINTENDO 2DS! See our submission form for details!

Not only will we be having a Battle Tournament, Anime FX wants to see the most stylish Pokemon and their trainers here at our event. The Pokemon Cosplay Contest is going to be your chance to strut your stuff, and if we like what we see, you’ll be walking away with your very own copy of Pokemon X!

And, for those of you who are Rookie trainers who aren’t ready for the Elite Four, we invite you to partake in the Pokemon Gym Leader challenge! A game of luck and skill, you’ll be pushed to the brink as you take your Pokemon in an effort to win in this brutally agonizing original card game! Collect all 8 badges, and you’ll be standing tall with your copy of Pokemon Y!

And of course, we’ll be opening up the Pokemon Lounge! If you have your DS already, feel free to boot it up! Battle, trade, and play on the local network, with your brand new X and Y games, or your older Black and White or Diamond and Pearl copies! Refreshments will be provided for free while supplies last!

OFFICIAL RULES FOR LE CRUCIBLE: The most important thing to note is that the online submission form is the ONLY way to guarantee you a spot in the Crucible! If you do NOT sign up in advance, and only try to get in at the door, the only spots that will likely be available are the no shows!  Everything else, enjoy!

Doors open at 4:30 PM at Rigoberta Menchú Hall. The Crucible will begin at 6 PM sharp.

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Art provided by Kaydie Fauxryuken Hansyn


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