White Elephant Party: How to learn how to have your heart grow three sizes in a single day! Fall 2013

White Elephant Party Fall 2013

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, but most importantly of all, be sure to give each other presents. This event will mark the end of another successful semester for Anime FX, and we’re celebrating by spreading the holiday cheer with an evening of entertainment this Friday, December 6, 2013!

The star event of the night is the namesake of the event, a “White Elephant” gift exchange. The vast majority of us are broke college students, so we’ll be setting a maximum gift price of $10. The idea is pretty simple. Everyone participating will add a gift to a pile, and people will take turns either taking a wrapped present from the pile or stealing away an unwrapped present from another player. The game will end when all participants have an unwrapped gift.

That won’t be the only thing to see this evening though if you’re not exactly in a gift-giving mood (which you should be by the way, you grinch)! In a rare move, we’ll actually show some anime. Your commentary is encouraged! But what if you’re hungry, you might say? Luckily for you, we’ll also be hosting a potluck! If you’re a terrible cook, worry not; food will be provided free of charge as well.

Location: HSS-135, Time: 4:30PM

People on Santa’s naughty list are welcome as well!

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Art provided by Keaton Jones


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