Shameless Plug Night ver. II Spring 2014

Shameless Plug Night ver. II Spring 2014BZZZZZZTTT!

Don’t let the lack of actual sparks confuse you, this night will be ELECTRIFYING!

This event on Friday, February 28, 2014, will primarily focus on AnimeFX’s beacons of light within the darkness…


*lights darken*

No matter what hobby you do, every person has their own story. Even in the world of Anime, we all have our own reasons for watching the shows we watch, listening to the music we listen to, playing the games we want to play, loving the characters we love, and shipping the characters we think deserve each other!

We’re all curious to hear about your stories of what got you into anime/games/music, why you like a certain character/series, and other topics that have really impacted your life today.

This event will be a “show and tell” of sorts in which any willing volunteer will go up in front of all of the other club members and share some parts of their anime lyfe with us! If you want to bring a prop to help tell your story, feel free to bring it (just no weapons and please use common sense on what you’re willing to bring)!

Laptops are fine too! We can connect most laptops/Macs to the overhead system within our room, so you can have some background music/slideshows to aid you on your quest.

Please share topics, materials, art, and music that is APPROPRIATE for a college environment. Try to keep it PG-13! No heavy ecchi materials por favor!

The time limit for each person’s animelyfe talk is 5 minutes, but the officers will extend the time to a maximum of 7 minutes if you need additional time to finish.

We’ll have a break time at 6:30 PM for thirty minutes!

If you don’t feel comfortable with talking in front of people or if you’re unwilling to share some parts of your anime life that you’re not comfortable speaking about, you don’t need to push yourself to speak! Just exercise your Miranda Rights and stay silent!

If we have free time at the end, we’ll continue to show the second episodes from the previous week’s Anime Screenings!

Doors Open: 4:30 PM
Event Officially Starts: 5:00 PM
End Time: 9:00 PM
Location: HUM-115

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Art provided by Jeremy Marucut


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