Escape from Fort Weeaboo: An adventure 13.82 billion years in the making (Spring 2014)

Escape from Fort Weeaboo: An adventure 13.82 billion years in the making Spring 2014


Welcome to camp. Tired of you spending all of your free time on video games and cartoons, your family has decided to send you to a special summer camp that will attempt to turn you away from your weeaboo ways. The summer camp’s program will teach you stuff like how to get a job, basic social skills, and how to shave off your neckbeard. At least that’s what your family thought it would be anyways. In reality, it was something far more sinister. As you arrive, you find yourself promptly escorted to a cold prison cell by armed guards. This place isn’t a summer camp in the slightest. You need to find a way out. Shortly after your arrival, the three biggest weebs on your block receive letters from a mysterious benefactor known only as “P.L”. The letters state that he has arranged an escape vehicle a short distance away from the jail, along with instructions on how to escape the jail and get to the aforementioned vehicle. However, the only problem is that the instructions are encoded in the form of puzzles, and in addition to that only one small team can fit into the escape vehicle. One day when the man in charge of this cruel institution gets a call from his dearest grandmother and is distracted, the trio breaks everyone nearby into three teams and attempts to make their escape. Which will be the team that will escape this madness?

Three teams will race one another in decoding the escape instructions and making it to the finish line. The distance traveled will be approximately one mile. If a puzzle takes a team more than 30 minutes, the person leading each group will “solve” the puzzle magically and the game will continue. The estimated time to complete the game is 1-2 hours (It can be hypothetically completed in less than 10 minutes), and the maximum time it would take if not a single puzzle was solved would be three hours. Each team will make it to the finish line no matter what, so don’t feel too rushed. Don’t want to participate in the game, but still want to hang out afterwards and grab dinner? A meeting spot nearby the finish line will be posted shortly before the game begins on Friday 4/11/14. Don’t get any funny ideas if you’re participating, as knowing the finish line won’t make you finish any faster anyways.

Event Officially Starts: The game will start promptly at 5PM. As such, arriving by at least 4:45PM is highly suggested.
Location: Malcolm X Plaza @ SFSU
If you are driving and want to park your car relatively close to the finish line, see here:

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Art provided by Keaton Jones


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