FREE (Food) FOR ALL!!! (Spring 2014)

FREE (Food) FOR ALL!!! (Spring 2014)You all know those over-the-top anime fights where they jump into the air and slowly drift down over the course of half a minute? Well, since in reality that is physically impossible, we’re settling for the next best thing: Fighting each other in video games!

Join us for a brutal battle royale slugfest this Friday, May 9, 2014 where we compete in a Super Smash Brothers tournament for the glorious grand prize of first pick at our Anime Food themed potluck! Bring some food from your favorite anime/manga series to put into the potluck: Ramen from Naruto, Onigiri from Pokemon, Tea Cookies from Hetalia, you name it! Bring it in the day of the event, and chow down like your favorite characters do!

After the tournament, we’ll be playing some movies as well so you guys can watch while you eat and socialize. See you there!

Time : 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: HUM-109

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Art provided by Luke Ingram


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